What Are The Business Opportunities Like In The UK – A Focus On The North East

A cooperation agreement has been established between Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Nippon Corporation conducting research. The areas they are focusing on the most are information technology, microelectronics, submicron technology and bio-nanotechnology.Key new centres in the region include a Plastic Electronics Technology Centre (PETeC) that will draw expertise from Newcastle, Durham and Cambridge Universities, an open access Flexible Electronics Facility that will establish the region as a focal point for flexible electronics materials in the UK and a National Micro-fluidics Application Centre.In addition to the employable skills enjoyed around the region, industry is also supported through many institutes such as the Institute of Automotive and Manufacturing Advance practice at the University of Sunderland which is recognised worldwide as a one of the leaders in its field. Its research includes materials and structural analysis, manufacturing systems and ergonomics. There is also Durham University’s Centre for Automotive Research; here they have expansive expertise in vehicle aerodynamics and hybrid vehicles.Organisations are always looking for opportunities to expand; a key tip on the best places to look is the North East. Companies are often looking for opportunities to develop their business further. When in search of a location to invest or relocate to it is important that you have the right staff and the right backing in the region you are moving into. North East England has one of the highest concentrations of expertise in industry in the UK.Three key research platforms in the region (new products, new processes and new energy) with multi-company collaboration are attracting new industries to the region. These resources are made available to businesses that are looking to set up in the region. The regional development agency have a dedicated team who help businesses from all over Europe and around the world to look at the business opportunities UK available to business looking to relocate and take advantages of what the North East has to offer.North East England is home to 588 overseas companies from 32 countries, employing over 27,000 people therefore making an ideal place for overseas investors looking for business opportunities in the UK [http://www.investnortheastengland.co.uk/page/index.cfm] or business opportunities in England.